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Your Stay


Important advice for our customers' benefit

Especially for those from abroad, who travel thousands of kilometres to see the whales in Patagonia, we advise you to consider staying at least two full days in this area (with regard to the whale watching trip). Otherwise your leisurely outing could turn somewhat stressful if weather conditions force us to sail the day after your trip was booked. In the past, during the different seasons there have been a maximum of between 5 and 7 days (out of 180) - but never consecutive - on which the port was closed. Having an additional day as leeway is therefore key.

3 days and 2 nights would be a very good choice

That also leaves you the chance of booking yet another watching excursion for the following day, if you are able to and interested in doing so. On this second opportunity with the whales you could observe different behaviours of these creatures, and most probably, see new adults or calves. We have had customers do this and they have always thanked us for making this suggestion.


On Península Valdés itself

a) On an estancia (Argentine ranch): with few rooms and varied activities, as well as an exquisite asado (Argentine barbeque) of Patagonian lamb. Prices match the magnificent surroundings and facilities, as well as the customized service. One estancia to consider would be “La Elvira”.
b) In hotels, bed and breakfasts and camping grounds all located in the small eco-tourist town of Puerto Pirámides.

In Puerto Madryn (on the Atlantic coastline, 98km away from Península Valdés)

Here you will find all the facilities and infrastructure of a common town: hotels and guesthouses of different categories, means of transport, top quality restaurants, shops and stores featuring leather and clothing, travel agencies, banks, book shops, a hospital, etc. Puerto Madryn is also nearby one of the two airports, if you happen to fly over.

Hotel Bahía Nueva. Puerto Madryn Hotel Territorio. Puerto Madryn
Temporary Rental Network

If you are planning your stay for September, October or early November, be sure to book as early as possible. And if you plan on travelling for the long weekend in August, also consider booking somewhat in advance.

In Trelew (around 150km away from Península Valdés and 25km away from the Atlantic coast).

This could be considered an alternative for those who are unable to find accommodation in the places mentioned above and/or for those who are palaeontology, dinosaur and Welsh culture enthusiasts. This city with approximately 100,000 inhabitants has 4 star hotels and one of Argentina’s best museums: the MEF (Palaeontological Museum “Egidio Feruglio”) -also one of the best museums in the whole of Latin America, in its specialty.

Although from Trelew, the trip over land to and from the whale watching excursion is the longest of all, your accommodation would be in the very city where most domestic flights arrive and depart from…


We especially recommend visiting the EcoCentro: a modern cultural space that fosters harmonious attitudes towards the ocean. It is just a 5-minute taxi-ride away from Puerto Madryn's city centre. It has a good cafeteria and a reading room situated in a glass-walled attic with a panoramic ocean view. With its Welsh architecture and location upon a cliff, this kind of "cultural centre-museum" boasts photographs (some of them aerial), remarkable maps and other very creative items that draw visitors closer to the marine world along the Patagonian coastline. Visiting hours vary according to the particular month of the year and an entry fee is charged. Ideally, you will need over 90 minutes to enjoy a relaxed visit to this original place.

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