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We have made two tables printer-friendly, just in case you wish to take them along with you, as well as save-friendly for PCs, pen drives, etc.

TIPS & USEFUL INFO TABLE No. 1 of your Whale Watching Trip with WHALES ARGENTINA
An interesting fact on the particularly transparent Sea Although the sea can be transparent on almost any day of the year, in the months of July and August – during which there are a lot of births and also copulations – there is extreme visibility, allowing us to see these cetaceans while they are under the water. The difference with September and the rest of spring is that “blossoming” phytoplankton in the sea are not present during July and August. This gives us more continuity when observing the whales: they are also visible when remaining underwater.
In the first Tips & Useful Info Table we are providing you with a brief summary of the web site along with more thorough information on certain points and additional practical advice.


TABLE No. 2 of your Whale Watching Trip with WHALES ARGENTINA

Guidebooks (The most noteworthy)
In the second Tips & Useful Info Table, you will find further recommendations – especially web site addresses – that could help enhance your travel experience down here to contemplate the whales and your possible visit to other parts of Argentina and even Chile.

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